healing with nature

I found that nature is a great healer of psychic wounds.  I wanted to become more at home in my own skin.  I had been stressed out for years being in the corporate world.  I had done well making a 3 figure  salary.  But, I had climbed the ladder and found that I did not like the view.  I took a class in Ecopsychology and in the book they had us read and do all kinds of exercises outdoors.  It was great! I found some thing that I was attracted to in the park, like a tree and would sit next to the tree.  I would focus on my breath and my feeling about the tree.  After some time had past I started to feel as though I was part of everything.  I felt I was part of the  this whole living organism of the earth and every living thing here.  I had never experienced anything like it.  It really turned me on to the natural world. I felt very close to the earth and the sky, and had no stress at all.


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