chronic illness

 chronic illness and pain are very much part of our society but yet is a subgroup of that society.  Chronic illness is defined as illness that is chronic and its intent and there is no alleviation for it nor is there a definitive  cure.  In my own life I have PNE and fibromyalgia.  It took me a long time to accept that I was part of the chronic illness community.  So many times these chronic illnesses cannot be seen someone is walking standing communicating shopping and finally they are in extreme pain must take some measure of medication to help reduce that pain.  This is called the ghost affect poor people literally see through you and have a disbelief in what you actually have is a diagnosis.  This causes chronically ill patients to become depressed has anxiety attacks, self-loathing, self-esteem issues, and isolation.  It is within these painful experiences not only just physically but psychologically as well in tensed with the experience of other people and judgment.  It is my hope and mission that I will be able to help those who need help in this community.  And my hope is also to always be a spokesman for mental health.


 Cheyenne Chetanna


Rain in the fututer

Everyone has times where they feel depressed.  It look like  the clouds on the sky line are dark and looming looking. It is here between the darker emotions will take us over and we feel lost and frightened.

When this feels like this to you, try and take a moment to feel your way into what is just under the surface of this emotion.  remember to try and give some space to let yourself be present with the emotion.   This will lessen the tightness that depression often feels like.

try and get outside and get into nature and focus on one of the areas in nature that u feel attracted to. This is a natural attraction and let the nature come and give you it’s energy.  Breath in deeply and slowly taking time to exhale slowly.  Each time  you breath look at the natural object you and nature have selected together.  let your mind go and try to identify how the depression feels in the body.  Remember to listen to all the sounds that are around you.  This kind of awareness will give you a moment to moment break from the pain of the depression. Repeat this as many time as you need to.  You will soon feel the light that is able to lessen the pain.

Remember if you have any question of info to help you, let me know

Peace & blessings


where are you in your emotionalism today

Emotion is the key to understanding what you are experiencing at any given moment.  feelings if we attune to them can really help us make sense out of what is happening  in our day to day experience. Anger for example, is a secondary emotion.  Most of the time one reacts to what is happening with their  anger, because at a deep level we are in pain or are hurt.  Fear can become a cage that we put ourselves in, because somewhere at some time, we were injured psychically.  We react under the trigger point that puts our emotions in high gear.

We can bring mindfulness to this and try to look under the anger to see where the hurt is.  Then we can respond in a way that best supports us.  Remember to allow some space around the hurt once you locate it.  Then you can help your self, and the person or persons that hurt you.  Bring this to their attention, and  express what you feel. Be honest with  them, and see if they have the capacity to help with your needs.  If you find they fall back into there own need system, and re-project out back at you their needs instead of hearing you.  You my want to rethink your relationship to them.  Life is to short to not be understood, and not have your needs meat. I hope this is helpful.


peace & blessings


What do you think

What are the reasons for so many emotional issues with our culture and fellow human beings?

do most people know them selves well enough to know when they are in need of emotional support?

What do you do when you feel depressed.  How or what action do you take to help the mood.


I would love to here back form all of you on these questions, so as to help those help them selves.

Let me know what you think.


Blessing & peace



Pain can be both debilitating and have wisdom.  I am talking about both kind of pain, physical and mental.  In reality they are both the same there is no duality.  There is only the internal awareness of flying thoughts that come and go.  Pain is the great equalizer of all human kind.  No matter,  if we are mindful of it or not.   This is the great despondence.  How do I deal with pain.

Dealing with pain is very present when you are at your pain level that will  put you into the mouth of the dragon. This no place be we think.  First thoughts are why me.   This then turns into a full push up against the pain.  This is to remember,”What you resist will persist.”

The pain needs to be looked at from a more wholesome way.  We need to soften into the pain.  What is this experience like?  What are the conditions that will impact the pain?  Is the pain warm,stabbing,shooting, and aces.  Give your self all the compassion you can to you.  Who needs it more than you in acute or chronic pain.

when we insist that our pain must go away, it is a good time to practice   tolerance, kindliness, understanding, love and feeling all that is present with you.  See if just for a moment you can look and see what you can do to help your self out of the pain both body  and mind.

peace & blessings



where are we all running to

The title of this post comes from making observations of both people rushing cars, Russian malls, rushing to get home, rushing to work out, and overall but yet overall all of this rushing tends to increase one’s unawareness and on mindfulness.  It’s almost like watching everyone keep up with the Joneses this is okay with the live as long as you understand that are so busy and rushing so hard to accomplish all the wanting mind wants to accomplish.

The spring ones into it knew we have thinking by just starting to slow down and recognize that you’re going nowhere.  What do I mean by going nowhere? I am simply stating that all this busyness is away of not being ourselves a scene things only in the material form. Once one slows down and starts to look internally one finds a massive amount of wanting and at substantial angst that continues to drive this behavior.

So take some time today take a few moments for yourself and to smell her roses flower feel the gentle breeze upon your skin look to the sky can see how blue it actually is and remember that you are only  passing through this life.  All the rushing the world’s burn your life out and when the moment comes transition off the planet you will look back and see all the busyness didn’t need to be.  So, Stinson time for yourself because no one deserves your love and affection as much as you do .

Gandhi said: it doesn’t really matter th that much what you, but it matters a great deal that you do it.

The toa:  all things come from mind and are of mind by mind and is all emptiness and form .

peace and blessings

Cheyenne chetanna


what does the heart tells us

the heart is an organ pumps 24/7.  IT is also where many of us have had heat ache that is as real as any other emotion. The heart is a fragile thing.  It is a strong reminder that we are human and nature is where we belong.  it is through this kind of understanding that we can heal broken hearts.  We are part of earth and all

it’s creatures that are are brothers.  As the old tell is told around the campfires at night that hold us bound together.  We all are at the end woven into a life tapestry that is much bigger than we know.  Take refuge in nature for it is only then cane we truly know our own nature.